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About Us

Abot-kamay, kababayan!

Migrant rights are human rights! Protect and promote migrant workers rights and welfare!

Migrante BC is a community-based organization commited to the protection and promotion of the rights and welfare of Filipino immigrants and migrant workers in British Columbia, Canada.

We believe in organizing migrant Filipinos in a group of our own.

We do not lose sight of the necessity of working towards one of the most basic rights which Filipinos share with those who have remained in the Philippines: the right to have decent work at home.We assert that Filipino migrants deserve the greatest promotion and protection of their rights wherever they are.

Migrante BC takes the position that the migration of Filipinos abroad is a product of the extreme poverty and joblessness in the Philippines and that the commodification of Filipino labour is encouraged by the Philippine government’s labour export policy program.

Overseas Filipinos: The Numbers

Third largest immigrant community in Vancouver, BC; fourth largerst community across Canada.
There are 78,900 Filipinos in British Columbia (Census Canada 2006).
The Philippines is Canada’s top source of immigrants. (Globe & Mail,Mar 2011)
There are 8.2 million Filipinos in 197 countries and territories (as of 2006) who earn a living for their families in the absence of decent employment for them in the Philippines. (IBON)

Partnerships and Networks:

Migrante BC is a member of Migrante Canada, Migrante International, the International Migrants Alliance (IMA), Bayan Canada and the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS).

Migrante BC is also a founding member of the Coalition for Migrant Workers Justice, a coalition of unions, community groups, faith based groups and churches, migrant groups, and solidarity groups.

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